my name is Pedro Bascon and I have been working as a designer
and illustrator in the animation world for the past 11 years .

 Currently I am working as a concept artist and designer  for “Jelly Jamm”, a 3D animated TV serie (www.jellyjamm.es) produced in Madrid, Spain, by 737 Shaker and Bandai. 

I have worked in London as a designer for the feature film “The Tale of
Despereaux” directed by Gary Ross, Sam Fell and Rob Stevenhagen,
produced by Universal Pictures and Framestore Feature Animation.

 In the past I have worked as a visual developer and art director
for “Pocoyo” a 3D animated TV serie (www.pocoyo.com) done by Zinkia
Entertainment (Madrid-Spain) and Granada International.
During these 11 years I have also worked as an artist for advertising productions, videogames, museums and live action shortfilms.

 My vocational training is classic. I studied a degree in Fine Arts  in the
University of Seville (Spain) because I realised that this was what I wanted to do
as my vocation in life. Animation is the perfect combination of all what I like in
the audiovisual artistic world: movies, illustration, art, advertising, history, music,
architecture and working in a team with other artists. I have tried to develop it
with responsability  and in a  positive way from then.

 I hope you enjoy my artwork and there may be some project which we could
collaborate on in the future.

 Best wishes, 

 Pedro Bascon
"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Walt Disney 

Contact:    pebasc@gmail.com
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